4 Tips to Deal With a Broken Tooth

Broken Tooth San Jose, CA

Anyone who has ever had a broken tooth understands how difficult this condition can be. If you have broken a tooth, you may first worry about how it looks. The cosmetic issues can be embarrassing, so much that you might wish to avoid being around people. There are health effects, too, and you could experience extreme pain and discomfort. On the bright side, treatment is possible for this type of damage.

Factors that can cause a broken tooth

Teeth are meant to last a person’s lifetime. Teeth consist of an enamel and dentin layer. The enamel is made up of the strongest substance in the body. Still, teeth can break under certain conditions. Poor oral hygiene, such as a lack of brushing, can make teeth susceptible to breaking.

Also, accidents and injuries can break teeth. A hard blow to the face, falling face-first, or biting into something hard can cause this type of damage. These problems often occur in car and bike accidents. Sports injuries are also common ways in which teeth break.

Dental crown

For a broken tooth, the dentist may first consider placing a crown over it. A crown is a device that covers the entire tooth. It protects it from further damage and stabilizes it when weak. The crown restores the shape and form of the tooth. It also enables it to chew properly once again. Crowns are usually made of ceramic or porcelain, so they can be the same color as a tooth.


A dental veneer is similar to a crown in that it restores its shape and form. But a veneer attaches to the front of the tooth. This thin shell is made of porcelain. To place the veneer, the dentist etches the tooth and removes some enamel to make it rough. When the veneer is placed on a broken tooth, the patient can once again have a full smile and eat most foods.


Not every instance of a broken tooth is a large fracture. Some breaks are smaller and difficult to spot. In these cases, the dentist may choose to use a filling to build up the missing part of the tooth. The filling will be tooth-colored, so other people will not notice it. After placing the filling, the dentist will smooth and polish the tooth.

Removal and placement of an implant

The first three options are viable when the dentist can save the tooth. But when the broken tooth is severe and has left little natural tooth in the mouth, the dentist may pull it out. After doing so, the patient has a few options to replace it. Dental implants are effective because they are natural-looking and durable. It can take several months to complete this process, but the implant should last for up to 20 years or more.

You can repair your tooth and have a new smile

You do not have to feel ashamed about your broken tooth. Your dentist can use one of these treatments to restore its function and look. With the help of a crown, veneer, filling, or implant, your broken tooth does not have to stay that way. Make an appointment today and discuss your options with your dentist.

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