Don’t let missing teeth take your smile away

Posted by Clara N Andirious on Mar 19 2019, 12:45 PM

A confident, bright and beautiful smile is what everyone craves for. It is said that you’re not perfectly dressed until you wear a smile on your face, and rightly so. But, if you’re missing a tooth, or worse, more than just one tooth, you would have a hard time flaunting your smile due to the possible embarrassment coming your way.

This is where dentistry can step in and be your best friend. We have several solutions to help you regain the teeth that you may have lost due to external trauma, extractions, cavities, gum diseases, root canal infection, etc. Your new prosthetic tooth would look just look and function like a real one, thereby restoring both the appearance and functionality of the mouth.

Looking for a permanent and strong restoration?

We have patients coming into our practice for a consultation and asking us if they can ever have their lost tooth back. Well, we wouldn’t be able to give you your natural tooth back, but can definitely offer something that is just as good. Dental implants are a combination of a titanium root  (replacing the tooth root) and a ceramic crown (replacing the visible tooth) and are, by far, the best solution to missing teeth.

They are strong, sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and best of all, long-lasting. The titanium root would be inserted into the jawbone and the ceramic crown will be fitted to it using a component called an abutment. They prevent the drifting of the teeth and a change in the shape of the jawbone. No one would have the faintest clue that it is a prosthetic tooth unless you tell them!

Hate to undergo surgery? We have dental bridges for you

Dental bridges are a convenient way to replace missing teeth without the need for surgery. They are composed of a prosthetic tooth and crowns on either side to hold it in place. The crowns would be mounted on the adjacent teeth and would provide the tooth with anchorage. A bridge would be made from ceramic, and hence, would perfectly restore the aesthetics of the smile. Also, they offer excellent longevity and durability.

Replace multiple teeth using dentures

If a patient is missing several teeth, it could become complicated to replace them using dental bridges or implants. In such cases, we would suggest you get dentures. They are available in both partial and complete forms, which are used to replace only a few selected teeth and all the teeth, respectively. The best part about them is that you can remove them whenever required, such as before going to sleep and while cleaning the mouth. They restore the shape of the face and jaws, thereby giving your face a fuller appearance. With dentures on, one can bite and chew food like normal.

Don’t let missing teeth hinder your confidence by ruining your smile. Get them replaced by the most natural-looking, comfortable and strong restorations to get a fuller smile.

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