Testimonial 8

I've been to this dentist office for 10 years now, and so has my family. First off, every time I enter the office I feel very relaxed and I know I will have no pain. Doctor Clara is very patient and professional. I recommend everyone going here because I love everything about it and I never have any issues!

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The Truth About   Common General Dentistry Myths

The Truth About 5 Common General Dentistry Myths

There are unfortunately many myths surrounding general dentistry and its importance in maintaining oral health. In reality, oral health is essentially connected to your overall health, and so keeping it a priority is of the utmost importance. Below are five common misconceptions and myths about the importance of oral health, as well as the corresponding…

Do Dental Crowns Require Special Care?

Do Dental Crowns Require Special Care?

When it comes to dental crowns, you need to take proper care of these restorations to ensure their longevity. This means knowing the necessary precautions to take and oral care habits to adopt. While you will not have to change your routine that much, there are special considerations for dental crowns.Many patients receive crowns because…