Testimonial 9

Dr. Andirious's clinic is in a neat little plaza near Safeway in Almaden, a great place for locals around that area such as me. I was greeted into the lobby by Naomi, shortly after by Melissa. Both of them were casual yet professional, and expressed their interest in meeting me in person. Naomi was also very patient in explaining the insurance and patient forms with me, which overall made me feel very welcome there. I was shortly met with Nazanin, the hygienist. If you have the opportunity to see her, she is an extremely warm person to talk to and I felt just as welcome with her as I did with the Naomi and Melissa in the lobby. While x-raying and cleaning my teeth, she was very gentle and instructive in what I need to do. I appreciated her honesty in telling me what my problems were, and how I could resolve them. She emphasized the need to floss not just every day, but with correct technique as well. She listened to my concerns with patience and seemed like she had a solution for everything. After the cleaning, Dr. Clara Andirious came over and saw me herself. She, like the others, was very cordial in her introduction and got right into looking at my teeth and telling me her evaluation of them. While talking with me, I could tell she has a great sense of humor due to her delivery and atmosphere around her. Afterwards I was sent back to the lobby to schedule another visit, and I got a nice gift from her too - a thermos which coincidentally was something I was going to shop for in the back of my mind. I enjoyed every person who works at this clinic, and I would highly recommend this same place to anyone else who would like their teeth examined.

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