Common Examples of Dental Gum Surgery

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In some cases, gum surgery may be the only solution to periodontitis. This type of surgery aims to treat your gum infection and the damage it is causing. Gum surgery can prevent tooth loss or regrow soft tissues and bones. It can also remove the infection, reshape your jawbone, and reduce gum gaps. If your dentist tells you that this is what you need, you have several types of gum surgery to choose from. Here are the options.

Bone grafting

In some patients, the bone that surrounds the dental roots deteriorate or incur damage. When this happens, dentists recommend a bone graft. This gum surgery involves placing an autologous, donated, or synthetic bone in the place of the damaged one. It encourages that part of the jawbone to regenerate around the unstable teeth.

Some dentists use a bone graft to fill an empty dental socket after a dental extraction. This helps the patient gain temporary dental support until the patient decides to get a dental implant. Dentists also use bone grafting to make a patient’s jawbone more stable before dental implant surgery. Implants need sufficient bone support to become successful.

Patients can have either intravenous or local anesthesia to help block pain and discomfort. The dentist will cut through the gum to expose the bone and then attach the graft. After the stitches, the patient will stay awhile until the dentist allows the patient to go home. Healing is different for every patient. The dentist can prescribe pain and anti-inflammatory medications to help the patient for faster recovery.

Flap surgery

This surgery is the top procedure for treating periodontal pockets. These pockets rest below the gumline. They pull away from the teeth resulting in a permanent space where bacteria thrive. Patients usually experience pain, sensitivity, inflammation, and bleeding. These usually lead to periodontitis, bone loss, and systemic infection.

Flap surgery is for patients who have accumulated tartar in the deep periodontal pockets. The dentist will cut into the patient’s gum and will lift a flap away from the teeth to remove the dental calculus. After cleaning the roots of the teeth, the dentist will stitch up the gums. In some cases, the dentist may need to reshape the bone as well.

Gum tissue grafting

This gum surgery is for patients who have receding gums. Teeth need support from the jawbone and the gums. Any damage to the gums allows bacteria to enter the dental roots, periodontal ligaments, and jawbone. The immune system usually fights the infection. If the patient’s immunity is weak, the infection will spread and then result in bone loss. Dental support may become so weak that teeth may fall off while eating or speaking.

You can achieve optimal oral health with the right gum surgery

Bacteria can penetrate your gum tissue, gum ligaments, and jawbone. If non-surgical treatments are not effective, your dentist will recommend gum surgery. Having a regular checkup can determine the right type of gum surgery to correct your periodontal problem. Talking about the details of the mentioned types of gum surgeries can help prepare you for your procedure.

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