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Same Day Dental Implants San Jose, CA

Same day dental implants are gaining in popularity with people these days. Many want to explore getting a dental implant for a broken or missing tooth. Patients may hesitate due to worry about the lengthy process of getting a traditional implant. To some, it sounds too good to be true to achieve in one day. But patients can walk out of the dental professional’s office with a full set of teeth. It takes only one surgery for same day dental implants.

What they are

Same day dental implants are not much different than traditional implants in function. The difference comes after the implantation. With same day dental implants, the dental professional places temporary caps on the implants. This allows the implants to fuse with the bone. The gum tissue also needs to heal. The implants with caps will look like normal teeth and function in much the same way.

An implant is a titanium post that the dentist installs in the jawbone. Over time, the healthy jawbone will bond to the post, and the implant will stay in place like a rooted tooth. With same day dental implants, the patients leave the dentist’s office the day of the surgery with temporary caps. The patients return after a healing period to have more permanent crowns installed. For many people, the healing process with same-day implants is faster. Once patients receive their permanent crowns, dental implants can last for many years.

Who installs same day dental implants?

With traditional implants, the patient often gets a referral from their dentist to an outside dental professional. Patients may have several appointments between both offices. There will be more than one surgery to place the implants. For patients who struggle with anxiety at the dentist’s office, this process can be very difficult.

Prosthodontists and oral surgeons specialize in placing implants and in implant technology. Prosthodontists can design implants to fit each patient for the most natural look. These dental professionals undergo additional training in restorative and reconstructive dentistry. They work with oral surgeons to fit patients with implants that are long-lasting.

Who can benefit from same day dental implants

People who have missing or broken teeth but otherwise healthy gums and jawbone are great candidates. Same day dental implants can also benefit dental patients who have fear and anxiety related to dental visits. It is important to discuss overall health with the dentist when determining if this procedure is appropriate. Even if a patient is not a good candidate right away, they may be able to improve their gum health and still take advantage of same day dental implants.

Visit your dentist today

Same day dental implants can be a huge self-image boost. A single implant can take as little as 30 minutes. Getting several implants may take longer, but the doctor can still do them in a single surgery. The result for patients is a restored smile and improved function. Something as small as a single tooth can have a huge effect on your appearance.

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