Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures: Veneers

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If you have considered cosmetic dentistry, you might have heard about veneers. These are extremely thin shells that are colored the same as your teeth. These can cover the fronts of your teeth. Veneers are made from dental bonding materials or porcelain. A cosmetic dentist can create customized veneers for a variety of purposes. That means that the size and shape will depend on many factors.

The design of dental veneers

The purpose of the veneers will determine the design. If the only purpose is to cover up discoloration, these might be the shape of the tooth. But if the veneer is to be used to correct gaps, it might be a bit bigger. Veneers that correct shorter teeth will be a bit longer.

In cosmetic dentistry, veneers that correct crooked teeth will have a different shape than the underlying teeth. Chipped teeth will also have differently shaped veneers. The cosmetic dentist will look at each of these factors when installing veneers. Understanding the process is important.

The evaluation

A dentist will decide if veneers are right for a patient. The dentist will see that the person does not have serious orthodontic issues. The patient also needs to have good oral health and no cavities. Veneers are not an invasive method when it comes to restoring the smile. But whitening can also be used if the issues are not permanent.

Preparing the teeth

The dentist will need to take off a bit of the enamel so there is room for the veneer. If the dentist does not do this step, the restoration might end up being bulkier than it needs to be. When the dentist removes a bit of enamel, there will also be a rougher surface. That way, the veneer can better grip the surface and not slide off. The dentist will likely use a local anesthetic for this step.

Taking impressions

Then the dentist will take a mold of the teeth. That will let the dentist come up with the veneer design. The shape and design will turn out better with this step. After choosing the right shade of white, the impression and design will be sent to a lab.

Installing the veneer

After the finished veneer is sent back to the dentist, the last stage can begin. The patient will come back for this last step. First, the dentist will numb the patient in that area and take off any temporary veneers. The tooth will be cleaned, and dental adhesives will bond the veneer to the area. A curing light will be used to help the adhesive harden faster. Finally, the veneer will be smoothed and polished.

Upgrade your smile with cosmetic dentistry

If you do not like your smile, you can have it fixed. Cosmetic dentistry is a great way to improve the looks of your teeth. With a veneer, you can go home with a new smile in just a few steps. Making an appointment today is your first step.

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