Six-Month Smiles Procedure

Six-Month Smiles

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What is Six Month Smiles?

A six-month smiles is an innovative new treatment that Dr. Andirious specializes in. It is an orthodontic treatment that helps patients to have beautiful and healthier smiles in a short period of time, i.e.about six months. This safe and affordable treatment involves the use of custom-made clear braces to straighten and align the patient's teeth. Six-month smiles use a combination of modern and old orthodontic technology to efficiently and comfortably treat teeth. This treatment only involves wearing a clear retainer for a certain number of hours a day. Patients of different ages can benefit from this easy and safe treatment and have straighter teeth in no time.

Why do you Need Six Month Smiles?

Six-month smile braces are necessary in cases where the patient has an overbite, an underbite, a crossbite, or overcrowded teeth. People with gaps between their teeth can also benefit greatly from this procedure as it closes the gaps and protects other teeth from shifting out of position. Many people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their teeth can take advantage of this simple and cost-efficient procedure. It treats minor problems that the patient faces, as well as severe problems too.

What are the Benefits of Six Month Smiles?

Some of the numerous benefits of the six-month smile treatment are:

  • This orthodontic treatment straightens teeth in just six months, which is much quicker than the traditional methods of treatment.
  • It is a more discreet method of straightening one's teeth.
  • The clear aligners use much less force. They gradually move the patient's teeth into the correct position.
  • Due to the accelerated treatment, the six-month smile braces cost much less than regular braces.
  • The absence of brackets and wires makes the treatment more comfortable for patients.

Dr. Andirious is a cosmetic dentist in San Jose who specializes in the six-month smiles treatment. To setup a consultation, please callour San Jose office at 408-997-9027.


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