Ultratooth the Immediate Dental Implant Is the only FDA Approved Immediate Dental Implant On the  Market today.

Most patient’s now can qualify for an immediate dental implant procedure. This procedure allows patients to leave the dental office with a new smile after one appointment. 

The Benefits of The Immediate Dental Implants “Ultratooth” Are: 

  • Preserving existing natural structures like alveolar bone and protecting the areas where teeth are missing
  • Instant and functional results, patients leave the office with restored implants. Temporary crowns, not a flipper or a partial denture or any other removable appliance
  • Increased confidence in their smile and appearance
  • Fewer office visits

Here is a Comparison between a Traditional implant and an Ultratooth Immediate implant:

Immediate Implants “Ultratooth”:

Immediate dental implants provide you with a complete replacement of your tooth in only one visit! The exciting tooth will be removed by the dentist, the titanium implant, the Ultrtooth, will be placed and a temporary crown will be fabricated at the same appointment. The temporary crown is in full function and aesthetically pleasing. There will be no need for unsightly removable appliances or any gaps in your smile. Patients will need to come back for the final delivery of their porcelain crowns in a few weeks after implant placement. 

Traditional Implants: 

The process is separated into multiple visits. Tooth removal and socket graft. Wait  4-6  months for implant placement. Titanium screw or implant placement appointment with healing abutment. Then wait for the osseointegration process ( for implant and bone fusion)  for 4-6 months. A patient comes in 4-6 months for impression for crowns onto the implant. Meantime patient either has been wearing a flipper or a partial denture or nothing at all for almost 12 months. 

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