Who Is a Candidate for Same-day Dental Implants?

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Same-day dental implants are becoming more popular these days because people replace their missing teeth with implants in one visit to the oral surgeon’s office. Unlike traditional dental implants, same-day dental implants do not require multiple trips to the oral surgeon or take months to complete. Despite the convenience of completing the dental implant process in one trip to the oral surgeon, some people are unable to undergo the procedure because they are not considered ideal candidates for it.

Who is considered an ideal candidate for same-day dental implants?

Before an oral surgeon decides to go ahead with the implant procedure, they have to make sure the patient’s jawbone and gums are healthy enough to hold the implant in place. Some of the health factors that can prevent an oral surgeon from performing the procedure include:

  • Diabetes
  • Tobacco use
  • Inadequate bone in the jaw
  • Pregnancy
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Radiation therapy to the head or neck

Patients who have any of the listed health issues are not considered ideal candidates for same-day implants because these health conditions will likely cause the implants to fail. However, some of the patients who have the listed conditions can still undergo the procedure if the surgeon determines that the implants will stay in place after conducting a thorough examination of the patient’s mouth. Patients who have good oral and physical health, do not smoke or have an autoimmune disease, are considered ideal candidates for same-day dental implants.

If the surgeon determines that I am an ideal candidate, what should I expect during the procedure?

The same-day implant procedure is not as invasive as traditional dental implant surgery. The surgeon only has to cut into the gums once to complete the procedure. If the patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure, the surgeon will then sedate the patient and cut into the gums and jawbone to insert the implant. Next, the surgeon will attach the crown, complete the implant process and send the patient home to heal. If the patient experiences any pain after the procedure, the surgeon will prescribe medication.

Will the artificial teeth look real?

The artificial teeth used to replace the patient’s missing teeth are usually made of porcelain fused to a metal alloy. The artificial teeth are not only durable but also match the color of the patient’s real teeth, which makes them look like natural teeth. In some cases, the artificial teeth are made from ceramic. Although that material is not as durable as porcelain fused to a metal, it can be color-matched to the patient’s natural teeth as well.


Same-day dental implants provide patients with a quick way of replacing their missing teeth. This saves the patients from making multiple trips to the oral surgeon’s office. If you are considering getting same-day implants, you should talk to your oral surgeon to find out if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Then you can enjoy a new smile.

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