Why You Should Schedule a Smile Makeover Consultation

Smile Makeover San Jose, CA

A consultation is the first step in the smile makeover process. Continue reading to learn some reasons why you should schedule a smile makeover consultation. During the visit, you can expect to discuss your goals for treatment and available treatment options and put together a treatment plan and timeline.

Here is what you should know about smile makeover consultations

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing to undergo a smile makeover treatment. The following is an overview of what you can expect during a smile makeover consultation to help you decide if a smile makeover is right for you.

What is a smile makeover consultation?

A smile makeover consultation is an initial dental visit to discuss smile makeover treatment. A smile makeover treatment plan consists of a series of cosmetic treatments that are designed to address issues with the patient’s smile. Common reasons people decide to schedule a smile makeover consultation are to address the following:

  • Damaged teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • A “gummy” smile

Every person has their own reason for considering a smile makeover consultation and treatment, and each treatment plan is fully personalized according to the patient’s goals.

What are the benefits of getting a smile makeover?

Of course, the primary benefit of a smile makeover is to address cosmetic issues. This can also provide patients with more confidence in their smiles and give them a more professional look to feel better while they are at school, work, or in social situations. Many of the treatments also have functional and oral health benefits, as well. For example, replacing missing teeth with dental implants as a part of a smile makeover can help the person eat foods they enjoy with less effort and prevent bone atrophy in the jaw.

What can I expect during the consultation appointment?

The smile makeover consultation is a simple visit. It typically begins with a discussion with the dentist and their staff to learn more about the patient’s treatment goals. The dentist may also conduct an oral examination and order dental x-rays to get a better idea of the patient’s oral health and cosmetic concerns. From there, a treatment plan can be put together.

The entire visit typically lasts less than an hour, unless the patient has more questions, in which case they can feel free to ask as many as they want to determine whether treatment is appropriate. Patients can begin treatment on the next follow-up visit. The length of treatment can vary from a few months to more than a year, depending on the specific cosmetic treatments that are involved with the smile makeover.

You can schedule a smile makeover consultation at our dental practice

If you are not happy with how your smile looks, then a smile makeover may be able to help you. Our consultation process is short and simple, providing you with answers to help you make informed choices about your oral health. To schedule a smile makeover consultation, contact our dental office today.

Request an appointment here: https://www.claraandiriousdds.com or call Almaden Valley Smile Design at (408) 827-9480 for an appointment in our San Jose office.

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